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Floor Protection

Whether it’s during DIY, refurbishment, decorating, construction, shopfitting or at a party, a temporary floor covering is essential to prevent potentially expensive damage to floor surfaces. Whether it’s a dropped tool, spilled paint, spilled drinks or prints from dirty footwear, the damage can be irreparable and costly to replace. It’s always better to protect floor surfaces in the first instance.


Floor Protection


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Types of Temporary Floor Protection

Each job and environment may require a different type of floor protection material. For example, a painter & decorator who is painting a wall on a carpeted surface will obviously require a floor protection material that provides a complete floor covering and is waterproof, our Protecta Carpet™ adhesive carpet protection film would be perfect for this scenario. Types of temporary floor protection available include:

✔️ Correx Floor Protection Sheets
✔️ Adhesive Protection Films
✔️ Dust Sheets
✔️ Polythene Sheets
✔️ Rubber Matting

Flame Retardant Floor Protection

Many floor protection materials are available in flame retardant options, that is, materials that have been tested to better withstand the risks associated with potential fires. The most common certifications in flame retardancy for temporary protection materials are LPS 1207, LCPB and the Joint Code of Practice.