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Contractors lose money hand-over-fist when floors and surfaces get damaged during construction. Our temporary protection materials preserve surfaces from accidental damage, so that you can focus on finishing projects on-time and on-budget.

Our Products Help To Protect Surfaces From Accidental Damage

Why use temporary protection materials?

When floors and surfaces get damaged during construction, it creates delays and costs more. When you use temporary protection materials, it helps contractors to finish projects on-time and on-budget. For over 25 years our pioneering products have saved business owners and DIY enthusiasts alike from the frustrations and embarrasment associated with accidental damage to floors and surfaces.

Having supplied some of the country’s largest contractors with protective materials, our products have been trusted to ensure that their clients assets are safe. Our product range includes temporary protection for all types of floor and surface including carpet protection, floor protection, hard surface protection, dust protection, window protection, door protection and much more.

Why choose Protecta Screen for your temporary protection?

At Protecta Screen, we understand how crucial it is to look after your construction projects and your sites – keeping them on track, within budget, and radiating professionalism. Our top-notch temporary protection materials are handpicked for construction businesses, painters and decorators, refurbishment companies, DIY enthusiasts, events businesses and shopfitters all over the UK.

Protecting Surfaces, Saving Your Money:
It's easy to affect your bottom-line through causing accidental damage to clients sites, replacing floors and surfaces is expensive! That's why our quality temporary protection materials act as a shield, making sure surfaces stay unscathed – no scratches, spills, or dents. Invest in our protection solutions to save on pricey replacements and steer clear of unexpected project costs.

Staying On Track, Staying Within Budget:
Time is money in construction. With Protecta Screen's temporary protection materials, you're not just guarding surfaces; you're fortifying your project against delays and their associated cost. Our products are designed to be hassle-free, letting you focus on what you do best. Maintain workflow efficiency, stick to timelines, and stay within budget effortlessly.

Professionalism and Duty of Care:
Your reputation rests on the quality of your work and the care you put into your clients' spaces. Opting for Protecta Screen shows your commitment to professionalism. Our temporary protection materials don't just shield surfaces; they speak volumes about your company's image. Impress clients by going the extra mile to protect their property, building lasting relationships and ensuring repeat business.

Temporary Protection Materials For Every Project
We get that each construction project is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of temporary protection materials tailored to meet your industry's specific needs. From floor protection to surface guards, our products are built to last, ensuring your project's success from start to finish.

Make the savvy choice. Choose Protecta Screen for all your temporary protection needs. Safeguard your surfaces, stay on schedule, and let your professionalism shine.

Our products are trusted by businesses like yours

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