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Carpet Protection

Due to the fibrous materials of carpets, damage caused by dirt and spills, as we all know, can be extremely difficult to clean. Prevention is always the best solution, so protecting your carpets with temporary protective materials during refurbishment projects or decoration is very important to minimise the risk of costly replacements. A minor spill causing irreversible damage could lead to an unnecessary requirement to replace a room's entire carpeted area. Don’t put it to risk, ensure your carpets are protected!
Carpet Protection


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When to Use Carpet Protection
Using carpet protection materials such as carpet protection films is ideal during tasks or activities where the risk of damage to carpets is high. For example:

Refurbishment Projects

During refurbishment projects, spills of hazardous chemicals, paint or tools snagging on carpeted surfaces could cause damage to carpets.

Painting and Decorating

Paint is designed to be an adhesive so that it sticks to walls and ceilings, which is why spills and spatter on carpeted surfaces are near-on impossible to clean. Preventing spills by protecting your carpets is always preferential!

Gardening or Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping, or any task which may involve muddy footwear being trodden into the property from outside can cause irreversible damage to carpet fibres from dirt transfer.

Types of Carpet Protection
The most popular and efficient type of carpet protection material is carpet protection film; an adhesive film that is extremely easy to roll out to carpet surfaces to provide a plastic protective layer. Our carpet protection film, Protecta Carpet™, is waterproof, anti-slip, does not ruck or travel (unlike dust sheets), and is simple to apply and remove. Other surface protection materials for carpets are available, including correx protection sheets and other roll-out carpet floor protection.