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Correx Protection Sheets & Rolls

Correx is a twin-walled fluted polypropylene material often produced in sheets or rolls for a wide variety of applications. Sometimes it’s referred to as corrugated plastic due to its similar fluted composition to corrugated cardboard. Two flat sheets are sandwiched with fluted polypropylene and sold as sheets or rolls. Correx has a variety of applications as a versatile material that can be cut and formed into shapes with relative ease. Most commonly Correx is used for advertising prints (often used as estate agent boards) and as a temporary protection material during DIY, decorating and construction works.
Correx Protection Sheets & Rolls


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What size is Correx?
In sheet form, the industry-accepted dimensions for Correx are 2.4m x 1.2m, often referred to as 8’ x 4’ in the construction sector. Other dimensions of Correx may be available, including slightly smaller sheets and in roll form. Rolls can often be as long as 50m. Thicknesses of Correx can vary from 2mm up to 10mm, though industry-standard protective Correx is considered to be either 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm thick.

What is Correx made from?
Correx is made from polypropylene which is a type of plastic that is designed to not react to water, detergents, and acids, making it a fantastic property for protective material, due to its water-resistant properties of the material. Polypropylene is easy to flex and cut to shape, despite the fact it is a highly durable material withstanding a lot of general wear and tear.

How can Correx protect surfaces?
Correx can be laid out on multiple surfaces and taped together with adhesive tape, forming a temporary protective layer over floors and other surfaces. As Correx is easy to cut, it can be formed into the shape of a surface or room with a cutting tool such as a box cutter or pair of scissors. Once secured in place, the temporary surface is unlikely to move around and provides an effective protective layer.