Surface Protection

Why Protect Your Surfaces?

It’s important to protect surfaces during construction, DIY, internal works etc. to minimise the risk of expensive and accidental damage. Dropped tools, spilled paint, accidental collisions may cause irreparable damage to newly installed surfaces incurring unnecessary costs, delays and frustration! Don’t put it to risk, ensure surfaces are protected with the correct type of surface protection material.

What Surfaces Should be Protected?

Consider the environment and the type of work being undertaken to determine what surfaces need protecting and what type of material is best suited. For example, if large objects are frequently being carried through doorways, protect the door frames from impact damage with foam door jambs. If work is being carried out at height above a newly laid kitchen worktop, protect the surface with an impact protection material, like Correx, to reduce the chance of dropped tools causing damage. Here are some surfaces you may need to protect during your project:

Hard surfaces (kitchen worktops for example)


Windows and Glass Surfaces

Corners and Edges

Doors & Door Frames

Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces

Stair Treads & Joinery

What Surface Protection Materials are Available?

The type of surface protection material may vary depending on the type of work, as follows are some of the most popular:

Correx Surface Protection

Adhesive Protection Films

Foam Jamb Guards

Sanitaryware Correx

Edge Protectors

PVC Treads

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