Dust Protection

What is Dust Protection?

Containing excessive airborne dust, dirt and debris is important to demonstrate a duty of care during internal works to minimise the risk of polluting the air quality and creating a mess outside of the work environment.

The process of dust protection usually involves creating a sectioned area around the internal works site by forming a barrier around a room, or a section of a room, with material and props; essentially forming a small temporary room to conduct internal works that are likely to generate excessive dust, dirt or debris.

What Dust Protection Products are Available?

A dust protection barriers main components are;

Temporary Screening Materials

Plastic sheeting supplied in large rolls which create the “walls” of a screened dust protection area

Screening Props

Designed to fix the screening material walls to the floors and ceilings so that the room can be formed. Our market-leading Quickprops™ are telescopic, rapidly installed props designed for this exact purpose

Polythene Sheeting

Ideal for covering items and objects within the temporary dust barrier that cannot be moved outside, this could be heavy items or permanents fixings that need to be protected from airborne dust and debris.

Tack Mats

Adhesive mats designed to remove excessive dirt and dust from footwear before entering worksites.

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